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Steven - Stamoros did not play

Le 9 April 2017, 07:13 dans Humeurs 0

Steven - Stamoros did not play today against Maple Leaf game, not only that, tomorrow and next Monday's game he is also likely to not debut. In other words, because the knee is not 100% cured Rod Carew Jersey, the lightning captain may be missed this season, the rest of the regular season game. According to the NHL official website Andrew Bailey Jersey, Stamoros said today: "Yes, the recovery is not so good. My knee feeling is not very good, now I can not expect myself to be the same as before injury.Obviously, when you encounter Such a injury, it is certainly hope that one-time support, rather than see the injury repeated. Penguin star Yevgeny - Malkin interested in playing in February next year, the opening of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, and hope the team can release. Recently Carlos Perez Jersey, Malkin told the Russian sports daily, NHL decided not to send players to participate in the decision of the Olympic Games, he said he was surprised, and said, "do so a little advantage." 2017 NCAA ice hockey player's highest award Hobbies - Baker Award finally announced: from the University of Denver defender Will - Butcher was awarded the award. Butcher has been selected at the 2013 NBA Draft by the Avalanche avalanche, but has not yet signed with the team. It is reported that Buchu in the final election to beat the opponents are: from the Union College of Mike - Weici Nei and from the Northeastern University of Zach - Aston - Reese Keynan Middleton Jersey.

Before the start of the 2010-11 season

Le 9 April 2017, 07:13 dans Humeurs 0

Before the start of the 2010-11 season, the Black Hawk faced a serious salary cap problem, the team had to trade a number of outstanding players, such as Dustin - Bavegreen, Andrew - Lade, Chris - Firth And so on, even last season's starting goalkeeper Anti - Nemi also was traded to the San Jose shark. In the second half of the 2010-11 season, the young new goalkeeper Corrie - Crawford played well and became the starter of the Chicago Black Hawk. This year's playoffs, the Black Hawk in the first round was encountered when the West ranked first Vancouver to join, even in the case of losing three games Andrew Bailey Jersey, the Black Hawks and tenacious pull back three, but still in the first Seven games in the overtime lost to the opponent. This season the penguin in the absence of Le Tang's performance is actually very good mlb jerseys sale, in the past 20 games have been 12-5-3 results. And the penguin team there are more injuries, including one of the league's best striker Ye Pu Gui - Malkin, a good terrorist combination of Karl - Hagelin and defender Oli - Mata and Triff - Daley , Coach Mike - Sullivan said the players to the playoffs will be basically back to the penguin lineup C.J. Wilson Jersey. Another good news is the growth of defender Justin Schulz, which in this season Schultz scored 49 points in 76 games and grew into one of the league's best offensive guards, and his defensive ability was To improve this season Huston Street Jersey, his positive and negative up to +26, in the absence of Le Tang in the case of Schultz became the first defender Penguin, and the performance has been excellent, he and Ian - Kerr combination in December When the league is the best defender combination.

2011-12 season also in order

Le 9 April 2017, 07:13 dans Humeurs 0

2011-12 season also in order to clean up the salary cap space, the team continued to make the transaction and began to enable new people, Brandon - Saad, Andrew - Shaw, Nick - Ledi and Marcus - Kruger became the ball The team's regular main force. Black Hawks for the fourth consecutive season broke into the playoffs for the Stanley Cup race, but unfortunately the first round by the Phoenix coyote (now renamed Arizona coyote) eliminated, the series played a total of six games, including 5 fields are dragged into overtime. Two players in this season plus or minus up to +51, each game Schultz and Kerr's ice are more than 20 minutes. Although Schultz was better than Billy Don, but Le Tang's defensive ability and a tendon meat were not available to Schultz Andrelton Simmons Jersey, but with the help of strong Kerr Andrew Heaney Jersey, the Schultz-Kerr combination could In the playoffs to serve as the team's first defensive portfolio. In addition to Schultz and Kerr, the other guards will be the key to the success of penguins. In the last season the playoffs against the Washington capital of the series Lille Tang was suspended Carlos Perez Jersey, the game Reeves - Daley served as the first defender of the duties Kirby Yates Jersey, that game Daley played for 28 minutes, Penguin also 3-2 victory over the capital. So the penguin in the absence of Le Tang's case can indeed beat the capital, but it was just a game. But it is for the Stanley Cup or has a very important significance, to win the trophy of the team to ensure that each playoff series are occupied at home advantage. To discuss how big the home advantage, we first look at the team won the Presidential Cup in the year won the final probability of the Stanley Cup it.

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