2011-12 season also in order to clean up the salary cap space, the team continued to make the transaction and began to enable new people, Brandon - Saad, Andrew - Shaw, Nick - Ledi and Marcus - Kruger became the ball The team's regular main force. Black Hawks for the fourth consecutive season broke into the playoffs for the Stanley Cup race, but unfortunately the first round by the Phoenix coyote (now renamed Arizona coyote) eliminated, the series played a total of six games, including 5 fields are dragged into overtime. Two players in this season plus or minus up to +51, each game Schultz and Kerr's ice are more than 20 minutes. Although Schultz was better than Billy Don, but Le Tang's defensive ability and a tendon meat were not available to Schultz Andrelton Simmons Jersey, but with the help of strong Kerr Andrew Heaney Jersey, the Schultz-Kerr combination could In the playoffs to serve as the team's first defensive portfolio. In addition to Schultz and Kerr, the other guards will be the key to the success of penguins. In the last season the playoffs against the Washington capital of the series Lille Tang was suspended Carlos Perez Jersey, the game Reeves - Daley served as the first defender of the duties Kirby Yates Jersey, that game Daley played for 28 minutes, Penguin also 3-2 victory over the capital. So the penguin in the absence of Le Tang's case can indeed beat the capital, but it was just a game. But it is for the Stanley Cup or has a very important significance, to win the trophy of the team to ensure that each playoff series are occupied at home advantage. To discuss how big the home advantage, we first look at the team won the Presidential Cup in the year won the final probability of the Stanley Cup it.