In the past five games, Curry averaged 29.2 points and 5 rebounds and 8 assists Xander Bogaerts Jersey, shooting 50 percent from the field and shooting 46 percent from the field. Obviously he found the old regular season MVP. Curry has been 11 consecutive times in the game against the sun to get at least 25 points. Booker's state is also good, after 70 in the war Carl Yastrzemski Jersey, he played four games for the sun, and this four games Buke's scoring average can reach 28.5 points. He and the library between, and perhaps will start a wonderful battling war. Under the leadership of Lin Shuhao, the Nets played a very good attack today, the first half to get 81 points, the audience beat 141-118 76 people. After the game, the Nets made three straight, still ranked first in the league, walking for the Celtics fight for the champion signed the road, 76 people suffered a four-game losing streak, ranking the last fifth. Jeremy Lin 10 vote 6, get 16 points and 7 assists and 5 rebounds Matt Barnes Jersey, 76 people here, where Jon - Holmes scored 16 points and 6 rebounds and 4 assists. The Rockets will sit at home against the Nuggets, if you can beat the opponent, then the city will be completed off the opponent's season swept. Harden is expected to come back Fernando Abad Jersey, in addition to the biggest significance of the game is that the Rockets can give the Blazers sent "assists." Tencent sports will be 7:30, half an hour ahead of the video live the game.