Steven - Stamoros did not play today against Maple Leaf game, not only that, tomorrow and next Monday's game he is also likely to not debut. In other words, because the knee is not 100% cured Rod Carew Jersey, the lightning captain may be missed this season, the rest of the regular season game. According to the NHL official website Andrew Bailey Jersey, Stamoros said today: "Yes, the recovery is not so good. My knee feeling is not very good, now I can not expect myself to be the same as before injury.Obviously, when you encounter Such a injury, it is certainly hope that one-time support, rather than see the injury repeated. Penguin star Yevgeny - Malkin interested in playing in February next year, the opening of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, and hope the team can release. Recently Carlos Perez Jersey, Malkin told the Russian sports daily, NHL decided not to send players to participate in the decision of the Olympic Games, he said he was surprised, and said, "do so a little advantage." 2017 NCAA ice hockey player's highest award Hobbies - Baker Award finally announced: from the University of Denver defender Will - Butcher was awarded the award. Butcher has been selected at the 2013 NBA Draft by the Avalanche avalanche, but has not yet signed with the team. It is reported that Buchu in the final election to beat the opponents are: from the Union College of Mike - Weici Nei and from the Northeastern University of Zach - Aston - Reese Keynan Middleton Jersey.